Boyfriend: Ditched
Job: Sacked
Physical health: Recovering from Accident
Emotional health: Miserable

At a time when Vidushi, with her never-give-up fauji brat attitude, was taking back control of her life one step at a time, she unexpectedly bumps into Vinay, as it has been happening since the last 13 years. What she doesn’t know, is that it wasn’t destiny this time around, but meticulous planning by the former NCC cadet Vinay, who needed her to

fulfill Operation Sambhav: A mission inspired from an age-old Dharmic tradition, that involved six critical phases, which required Vidushi to be present by his side at different locations across India. The catch being he would be executing this mission without Vidushi’s knowledge.

But what if Vidushi finds out?

Gear up to embark on a bittersweet nationwide journey with Vidushi and Vinay and witness the challenges they encounter and how the people they meet demonstrate to them the various essences of human relationships. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to know something about our motherland’s values, customs and history. And most importantly, do Vidushi and Vinay succeed in accomplishing what they set out to?

Will update you soon regarding their journey…

If you are unsure to invest in their journey, maybe getting to know something about them will help you decide better.

How about you begin with the first few chapters.

And in the meanwhile let me talk to the people whom you are going to meet along this roller-coaster of a journey and get them to introduce themselves to the wonderful readers whom they are fortunate to meet.