Hey, I am Vidushi.

Its nice meeting you. And thanks a lot for showing an interest in getting to know more about me.

I am hoping that you would have got a brief idea about me from the summary of the journey I would be undertaking and also from the first few chapters you would have read by now.
If not, I kindly request you to please read them here, as it will help me connect with you better.

Actually, my life is not that depressing or miserable as it appears from the limited things you have known about me until now.
Neither am I a damsel in distress waiting to be rescued. However, I do agree that I am at my lowest when you are getting to know me for the first time.
However, I am more than that. I am many things and crazy is certainly one of them. As I’ve been collecting the pieces of my shattered life and putting them together, get a brief glimpse of the progress I’ve made so far…

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