A Fauji Brat who received a fairly decent cultural upbringing in a multicultural environment across India during his childhood.

An unsuspecting Teenager who was fed with the idea of Bharat being a defeated nation where uncivilized superstitious people religiously practiced caste, untouchability, sati and patriarchy.

A coming of age Youth who was smitten by the incredibly revolutionary idea of “Secularism”.

A self-centered Fresher who worked for an MNC and aspired to get married by 25 or 26 and travel the world with his wife and twin daughters and experience the world and life to the fullest.

A reasonably good Engineer who experienced the same adversity struck him thrice with varying intensity, the last one being miserably worst of all.

A mildly deracinated Adult who, upon asking the right questions, realized why such adversity was striking him repeatedly and made him so vulnerable and helpless.

A grateful Being, who thanks every single experience he had in his life. However, a special thanks to the events of 2021 and the place he lived in is worth mentioning. If not for them, he couldn’t have put things into perspective and begin his journey way back home to his roots and culture.
This is my journey so far. I don’t know I will succeed in it or not. However, I will give my best shot as if my life depends on it.
For my life indeed depends on it…