If one would’ve been following my posts closely, one could only assume that now that I was done with my strenuous preparations for the Entrance and had even entered college where the first year will be relatively free (which it was), and combine it with the fact that, before joining college I have even resumed reading; so it was natural for me to delve deeper into my reading habits. However, it didn’t happen.

Throughout my college life, my reading took a drastic hit and I wasn’t particularly reading anything other than my academics. There was so much to cover and so much additional software and things I was learning hoping that they will help me get a good job. However, that didn’t happen, at least not in the manner I intended. The only books I read were the new releases of Dan Brown (The Lost Symbol and Inferno, just after college finished), Airframe by Michael Crichton because it was remotely related to my stream of Engineering and I remember rereading all the Harry Potter series during the summer vacation before my final year commenced.

Harry Potter comes to rescue my Boredom

However, though my reading habit took a downturn, I begin to develop other hobbies that proved constructive, like drawing. Yes, it was a habit I was resuming after my Class 6. And I can say that I was making considerable progress in it, particularly in the art form called Graffiti and even dabbled a bit with Ambigrams (inspired by Angels and Demons).

And if one thinks my college years were worst for my reading habits, then my initial years in corporate life were even a bigger disaster. This could be partly because I developed other hobbies by then, like Photography, Traveling, and even I took to writing. I did have a travel blog (dysfunctional now) and also was writing a novel (not A Thing Called Destiny).

And during these years, say, 2009 to 2017, I think other than the ones I mentioned, I have read very few novels, maybe one or two a year. One of them was 2 States and the other novel I read was rather a forgetful one, which I found horrifyingly terrible.

Sensible books I read during my Initial Corporate years

However, I read two more books during these times that I found quite impressive.These were LOSER (Life of a Software Engineer) and this perfectly suited my times and I could relate to every single aspect written in that book. The Second book was Life Will Never Be The Same Again by Squadron Leader Jayasimha. However, during those times (beginning of 2018), I haven’t had the faintest idea that my life was going to take a drastic downhill journey and how that would rekindle my reading journey in a manner never happened before.

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