So, through my previous posts, one could gather that Class 6 was in a way a transformative year for me as my reading habits too begin to evolve.

This was the time when I was making inroads into reading novels in the League of Harry Potter and also reading autobiographies and such works.

Also, our English literature as part of the school curriculum too became more interesting, or should I say, our English teacher, who also happened to be our class teacher made it more interesting. Because, as part of our curriculum, we had works of Rudyard Kipling, Ruskin Bond, O. Henry, and Oscar Wilde.

Unabridged English Classics that I read

And also, our English teacher encouraged us to read more works by Charles Dickens, R.L Stevenson, Mark Twain and such authors and insisted that this time I read the unabridged versions.

So, over the years, to be specific, before my Class 9, I had explored a range of traditional classic English literature that most students are usually exposed to like Emily Bronte, Jane Austen and the like. In addition to that, I have read the five Harry Potter novels that have been released until then (2004-05). It was also, at the same time, while I was in Class 8 (2004-05) inspired by the works of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, I begin reading anything and everything related to Space as well.

It seemed that Space Science fascinated me and soon I begin to actively read about Black Holes, Gamma Ray Bursts, and Dark Matter and Energy. It also begin to dictate the shows I used to watch. Because, while I was in class 9, I distinctly remember that, I watched a three-part show “The Elegant Universe” on Discovery Channel (if my memory serves me right), about a mind-blowing new concept called String Theory, presented by Brian Greene.

And I was taking notes of these never before heard concepts,

Also, the other show that I distinctly remembered was from BBC. And it was called the HORIZONS and there was one episode of it which spoke extensively about Black Holes.

Since I couldn’t follow up by taking notes properly, I used to anxiously look for any re-telecast of those episodes. It’s an experience, I think the present generation may not relate with.

Books related to Space Science

However, since there was no repeat telecast, I could find and my notes weren’t making much sense, I couldn’t grasp the concepts completely.

However, luck was in my favour, as I was going to purchase the newly released Harry Potter novel (Half-Blood Prince) from Higginbothams in Chennai, my eyes fell on a book titled, The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene. I immediately wanted it. However, I didn’t have the money for it back then and then that, the usual process of saving for the book continued before I could lay my hand on it. Over the next year, that is during my Class 10, I have not just read that book, but also a few more books on Space time and the related kinds of stuff.

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